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Concrete Lifting in Utah

concrete lifting utah concrete concrete inc.

Concrete Lifting in Utah will save time, money, and the environment

The stability of your concrete is largely dependent on the condition of the soil underneath it. All too often, your concrete will sink due to natural soil erosion, poor compaction, or just the sheer weight of the concrete. In addition, these uneven surfaces create trip hazards and can be an eye sore for your home or business. Concrete Concrete Inc. provides expert concrete lifting in Utah by using a specially formulated, eco-friendly polyurethane expanding foam. Above all, we will save you time and money in comparison to other frequently used concrete repair methods.

Here’s How Concrete Lifting Works:

1. Drill

Small 5/8” holes are drilled in sunken concrete. Then injection tubes are installed.

2. Lift

Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete to fill voids and level the slab.

3. Patch

The holes are sealed with cement.

Why Use Polyurethane for Concrete Lifting?

Minimal Intrusion: When using polyurethane for concrete lifting, small holes must be drilled in the concrete in order to pump the material beneath. These holes are only 5/8” in diameter and fewer holes are needed when compared to other concrete lifting methods like mudjacking or slabjacking.

Waterproof: Polyurethane is waterproof and will not expand or contract. This is vital in preventing damage in the future. This durable and light-weight material can fill small or large voids underneath the concrete without imposing an undesirable load on the soils beneath.

Quick Curing: The expansion of the polyurethane foam happens almost immediately and is fully expanded within 10-15 seconds. Our material fully cures in just under 20 minutes from the time the material is injected. Furthermore, fully loading of the foundation, driveway, sidewalk or other structural element can happen just minutes after the job is complete.

Cost Effective: You can count on polyurethane concrete lifting to be about 50% of the cost of concrete replacement and takes hours rather than days to complete the job.

Eco Friendly and Reduces Waste: Our eco-friendly polyurethane material if formulated with an environmentally responsible non-ozone depleting blowing agent. In fact, it’s the top choice for concrete lifting. Concrete replacement is not only time consuming and costly, but puts a tax on our environment. Reusing your slabs by concrete lifting instead of concrete replacement keeps the material out of our landfills and eliminates dangerous chemicals from polluting our soil and water.